Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 8

Feeding the Kunikuni and Heihei!
My class went to feed the pigs and chickens. I felt happy because we went to feed the pigs. I saw the pigs running around in their pen. We put the water in the bucket for the pigs and chickens. The chickens laid five eggs. We took these eggs to the staffroom. 
                              Written by Charlie Rigamoto
Cheeky Cheetahs enjoying the experience of feeding the animals

Feeding the two fat hairy pigs and the scary Chickens!
We jumped into two lines and zoomed like a jet to Hettie, Percy and the Chickens. I couldn't believe that my class was going to feed the animals. I felt so happy and crazy like a monkey at the zoo. I knew it was going to be a great experience feeding the animals. 

When I fed the pigs I felt excited. I wanted to let them bite my arm off. The chickens looked creepy. When they looked at me it almost seemed like they wanted to peck me instead of their kai. 

When we finished feeding the animals we had to make sure that we washed our hands. I didn't want to leave. I couldn't wait for the next feeding day. 

Written by Jodeci
Jodeci and Junior not wanting to leave

The Cheeky Cheetahs enjoyed feeding the animals at our school this week. We were lucky enough to have had our buddies join us for one of the feeding days as well. 

Thank you Ms Manuel for all your hard work with looking after our Rowandale animals.
Check out some of our photos below. 


  1. Hey Cheeky Cheetahs! It's good to read about your experiences feeding the pigs and hens. I'm sure they're very grateful...I'm pretty sure. He he ...

  2. Thank you so much Cheetahs for looking after the Pigs and chickens so well... What did you do with your EGGS?

  3. WOW... certainly a fantastic way of teaching children how to care after animals. We at Rowandale are extremely lucky to have animals to look after. Well done Cheetahs.