Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 5

Check out what the Cheeky Cheetahs got up to in Week 5!

Meeting our Buddy Class - Proud Penguins!

We were so excited to meet our buddy class for the first time. Our buddy class are from the Fledglings team in Room 2. 

We did some buddy reading together. We really enjoyed reading with them and look forward to our next get together.

Margret reading with her buddy.

Our second get together was for Swimming with our Buddy Class

"We felt special and scared at the same time", said Junior Anae. 

"I knew I had to hold on to my partner and not let go", said Kyra-Jae.

"I had so much fun teaching my buddy and being responsible for him", said Matthew.

Here are a few photos of our swimming experience with the Proud Penguins.


  1. How awesome to know that you are all helping the little Proud Penguins in swimming! This is how we show determination at school by thinking about others in and around the pool. I'm so proud of you all Cheeky Cheetahs. Congrats on your buddy reading too with Room 2.

  2. Love the way you are helping out with the younger students in the swimming pool. Fantastic to see!

  3. ...and good to see you buddy read with Proud Penguins. Keep up the great work Cheeky Cheetahs!

  4. WOW love the pool photos with your Buddy Class!!! looking forward to how both your classes do on 7 April!