Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter with our buddy class

It was exciting spending time with our buddy class doing some fun activities for Easter. We got to make some chocolate nests and Easter Baskets and we even got to take our buddies along with us to help with feeding the animals. 
Celebrating Easter
Ingredients for making Easter Nests
2 cups of Rice Bubbles
250g of Milk Chocolate
1/2 cup of Shredded Coconut
Milk Chocolate
Melt the Chocolate in a cup

Rice Bubbles

1) Pour 2 cups of Rice Bubbles or Cocoa Pops into a Big Bowl.
2) Melt 250g of Milk Chocolate 
3) Mix the Melted Chocolate with the Rice Bubbles. 
4) Add the Shredded Coconut 
5) Mix the ingredients together
6) Use a table spoon and scoop a spoonful into a cup cake paper.
7) Put some M&M's or Maltesers or Mini eggs on the top
8) Leave on a bench to set or place in the fridge.
NOTE: Children make sure to have an adult help you when melting the chocolate.

Easter Basket making with our buddies

Proud of our Easter basket

Cutting out the baskets for our buddies

Easter basket making

Yay, 1 cup....1 more to go!


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  1. Yummo! Mini cooks in the making��

  2. What a great idea , easy to do with a buddy class and yummy for the students. A great looking class of eager students Miss M

  3. Oh wow! Those Easter treats look delicious! You're very lucky. We like that you have written up the recipe for others to use too. You are all very clever, especially your teacher Miss Manuele. Have a great rest of term and we hope that we can come and visit your amazing blog again soon.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 8@Pt England School

  4. You have some great feedback and comments from visitors on your blog ... Well done cheetahs!!

  5. yummo easter baskets with your buddyclass looks yummy (christians mum)