Friday, March 18, 2016


Footsteps is a group of people who teach students in schools how to dance. 

Early in the morning, a lady named Kate came to Rowandale School to teach us how to dance.
Bye, bye, bye was the name of the song that we were dancing to. We didn't have much time for talking because each session was only for half an hour. We were already late, so Kate got straight into teaching us.

Firstly, we had to find a space in the hall. Then we had to do a bunch of different steps one by one with Kate stopping us each time. At first, it was easy, then I realised it was getting harder and harder. I had to concentrate really hard. The moves continued to change and Kate talked us through each step before playing the music where I got a bit nervous about because it was a bit fast. 

Our time with Kate was too short. I wish she will come back to teach us and hopefully we will be able to finish the dance routine and learn it for a bit longer. I had so much fun dancing because Kate made it fun and it was easier to follow her.
Thanks Kate!
Written by Matthew Rowe

High Flyers having so much fun at Footsteps

 High Flyers giving it a go!

We had so much fun!

 High Flyers practising !

Look at us getting our groove on!

High Flyers listening to instructions!


  1. Awesome writing piece Matthew ... Well done!!!

  2. you have a amazing class cheeky cheetahs juniors mum fay