Monday, December 5, 2016


Kia Ora family and friends,

We have learnt to use Powtoon this year to create a short movie with a message.  Powtoon is a programme where we insert still images to create a movie. We had a play first, before creating our very own movie which is on Rowandale Pride. 

Check out what we got up to!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Basketball Skills

Bula vi naka,

Today, we learnt some techniques on how to shoot in basketball. 
Follow through

We also went through the different names of the court - baseline & sideline.

The Cheeky Cheetah's found shooting a challenge. Our coach split us into two groups; girls and boys. First team to shoot 10 baskets won. The girls were excited and the boys had to do 10 burpees.

To finish off our lesson we had another challenge in a game called the 'Golden Child'. The boys won. 

Overall, it was fun learning the correct technique of shooting in basketball. Here are some photos of our lesson. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Classroom for Term 4

Namaste family and friends,

We have moved back into our new classroom which is now called an "Innovative Learning Environment".

We are excited about our new furniture, deck and our learning space. This week we have been learning to work collaboratively and to manage ourselves when working independently.

Here are a few photos of our new learning environment.
A view of our Deck
Our new furniture
A view of our deck from the field
Side view of deck
View from inside our class
Juanita is excited about the colours of our walls
Class enjoying the new furniture & learning space

If your in the area, feel free to come and visit our new classroom. WE will be more than happy to show you around. 
Nau mai, haere mai!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Niue Language Week

Fakaalofa lahi atu kia mutolu oti,

The theme for this year's Niue Language week was 'Ponataki, Tukutaula ke Mauokafua e Vagahau Niue', which means 'Bind, Anchor to firmly uphold the Vagahau Niue'.

This week we learnt about the Coconut Crab and we weaved a placemat using paper.

Here are a few photos of our learning.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Welcome to Term 4

Kia Ora everyone,

Week 1 was all about revisiting our PRIDE values, rewriting our do's and dont's, class treaty, getting to know each other, KWL on topic and welcoming a new teacher to our school and class. 

Welcome to Ms Rassool who has joined our Rowandale whanau. She will be teaching and supporting the High Flyers team this term. 

The most important question we ask ourselves are: What is learning? What does learning look like? How can the teacher support us with our learning? and How can we help ourselves in our learning?
Here are a few pictures of what we got up to in week 1.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stage 2 - Inquiry Learning

Malo E Lelei,
Here are a few pictures of our Stage 2 process of Inquiry. We have used the digital devices as our main source of finding information but we know that we can also use books from the library, newspaper articles, information from the news and ask adults who might be experts with information about sports gears/wears/countries.
  • WALT use Google Search Engine to find information and facts about Netherlands
  • WALT use Google Search Engine to find information and facts about Gears & Wears.

Stage 2 - Locating/Selecting/Organising
Where can I find the information?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Inquiry Learning

Ni Hao,
This term we have been focusing on the Olympics using an Inquiry model. 
Here is the first stage of our Inquiry Learning.

Stage 1: Exploring/Defining/Planning
What do I already know?
  • People around the world are part of this every year (Matthew)
  • If you come first you get a gold medal. If you come second you get a silver medal and when you come third in a race you get a bronze medal (Margret)
  • Olympics is a type of sport where you get medals if you come first, second and third in a race(Ebby)
  • It is for Athletes and I think they do Marathons and other activities (Christian O)
  • They do swimming and they earn medals (Roscoe)
  • They play sports like: swimming, biking, running and shot put (Waea)
  • They play lots of sports (Lialia)
  • I don't know anything (Alfred)
  • It has to do with sports (Miracle)
  • It is about running, swimming and shot put (Alex)
  • I do not know anything (Texas)
  • You do heaps of sports (Kyra-Jae)
  • I don't know anything about Olympics (Junior)
  • There is swimming and other sports involved (Tohoa)
  • Olympics is when you swim, run, ride a bike and they get medals (Tyla)
  • I know nothing about Olympics (Vaivasa)
  • I know they play runnng and biking (Dayton)
  • They play sports (Juanita)
  • They have more than 5 sports (John-Moses)
  • They run 100 metres (Jodeci)
  • They have sports in the Olympics (Douglas)

What do I want to find out?
  • What do Gymnastics people wear and what material is it made out of? (Margret)
  • What kind of shoes is good for running? (Alicia)
  • What kind of shoes is good to wear for basketball? (Juanita)
  • What is the difference between a sprinters shoe worn in the 1900's to a sprinter in 2016? (Alex)
  • What is the difference between the equipment and clothes worn in the Modern and Ancient Olympics? (John-Moses)
  • How has a Rugby shoe changed and developed overtime? (Otile)
  • What kind of bikes do the Olympians use at the Olympics? (Junior)
  • Why isn't Rugby League part of the Olympics? (Waea)
  • How has the Tennis equipment changed overtime? (Kyra-Jae)
  • What is similar between Modern and Ancient Olympics? (Jovannah)
  • How has the equipment/uniform changed overtime for sprinters? (Douglas)
  • What is the difference between the shoes that an Olmpian wears to the shoes that I wear? (Tyla)
  • How has the equipment and material used for uniforms changed overtime for archery? (Roscoe)
  • What type of material is basketball shoes made out of and is it the same/different to normal basketball shoes that we wear today? (Lialia)

Winning 2 Trophies

Malo e lelei,
We have been working really hard on Reading this term and continue to use our PRIDE VALUES at school. 
In week 4, we were lucky to have won 2 Trophies for being Reading Experts and for using our PRIDE VALUES during assembly. 
We are very proud of ourselves and our achievement, so is our teacher. WELL DONE CHEEKY let's try to win the Maths cup too!