Friday, September 2, 2016

Inquiry Learning

Ni Hao,
This term we have been focusing on the Olympics using an Inquiry model. 
Here is the first stage of our Inquiry Learning.

Stage 1: Exploring/Defining/Planning
What do I already know?
  • People around the world are part of this every year (Matthew)
  • If you come first you get a gold medal. If you come second you get a silver medal and when you come third in a race you get a bronze medal (Margret)
  • Olympics is a type of sport where you get medals if you come first, second and third in a race(Ebby)
  • It is for Athletes and I think they do Marathons and other activities (Christian O)
  • They do swimming and they earn medals (Roscoe)
  • They play sports like: swimming, biking, running and shot put (Waea)
  • They play lots of sports (Lialia)
  • I don't know anything (Alfred)
  • It has to do with sports (Miracle)
  • It is about running, swimming and shot put (Alex)
  • I do not know anything (Texas)
  • You do heaps of sports (Kyra-Jae)
  • I don't know anything about Olympics (Junior)
  • There is swimming and other sports involved (Tohoa)
  • Olympics is when you swim, run, ride a bike and they get medals (Tyla)
  • I know nothing about Olympics (Vaivasa)
  • I know they play runnng and biking (Dayton)
  • They play sports (Juanita)
  • They have more than 5 sports (John-Moses)
  • They run 100 metres (Jodeci)
  • They have sports in the Olympics (Douglas)

What do I want to find out?
  • What do Gymnastics people wear and what material is it made out of? (Margret)
  • What kind of shoes is good for running? (Alicia)
  • What kind of shoes is good to wear for basketball? (Juanita)
  • What is the difference between a sprinters shoe worn in the 1900's to a sprinter in 2016? (Alex)
  • What is the difference between the equipment and clothes worn in the Modern and Ancient Olympics? (John-Moses)
  • How has a Rugby shoe changed and developed overtime? (Otile)
  • What kind of bikes do the Olympians use at the Olympics? (Junior)
  • Why isn't Rugby League part of the Olympics? (Waea)
  • How has the Tennis equipment changed overtime? (Kyra-Jae)
  • What is similar between Modern and Ancient Olympics? (Jovannah)
  • How has the equipment/uniform changed overtime for sprinters? (Douglas)
  • What is the difference between the shoes that an Olmpian wears to the shoes that I wear? (Tyla)
  • How has the equipment and material used for uniforms changed overtime for archery? (Roscoe)
  • What type of material is basketball shoes made out of and is it the same/different to normal basketball shoes that we wear today? (Lialia)

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  1. I really love your thought process related to the Inquiry ... looking forward to hearing more about your new learning