Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 7


In writing this week the Poets have been practising to write simple sentences. 

They have been practising and challenging themselves to be confident with reading, writing and putting high frequency words into correct sentences. After they have written their sentence(s) they will then check their work to see whether they have included a capital letter and a full stop in the right place. They are being encouraged to fix their own mistakes and to use the words cards to check their spelling is correct. 

Check out the Poets in action!

Frelex feeling happy with his sentences.

Poets hard at work thinking about putting their words into a sentence.

Frelex wrote these sentences independently.

Dayton happy with writing a simple sentence.

Texas writing his sentences independently.

Alfred writing his sentences.

Alfred reading over his sentences.


  1. Great work Cheeky Cheetahs! You should be Clever Cheetahs... Hope to read your published poems soon.

  2. Well done Frelex, Dayton, Texas and Alfred!!!