Thursday, March 31, 2016

Duffy Assembly

Giant Killer was our Duffy role model today at Assembly. He performed an awesome rap made up of words that he thought of on the spot.
We were excited about decorating our Duffy Box and couldn't wait to get our two books from inside. Thank you Duffy!
Congratulations also to Frelex Mikaele for recieving our class Duffy Award.
Here are a few photos of our Duffy Assembly.

Well done to all the teachers and students for the creative designs that we saw in decorating your Duffy Box. A big Kia Ora to Kungfu Pandas for being the winners!


  1. Well done Frelex for getting the Duffy award!

  2. Kia Ora Cheeky Cheetahs,

    I love the hard work you put in to your Duffy box. Congratulations Frelex for getting the Duffy Award. Too awesome guys!

  3. Yes I agree the boxes were the best ever!!!