Friday, March 18, 2016

ASB Get Wise (Financial Literacy)


On Monday we had Jeremy from ASB Get Wise visit our class and school for the first time. He talked to us about money. His job is to go around to schools to teach students about saving money. 

I learnt a lot of information that morning about how to make money and different ways to save money. Some of the ways to make money included doing chores like folding the washing, washing the dishes or cleaning the house. Another way to make money is helping out in the neighbourhood, for example mowing the lawns, painting a fence or babysitting.

I found selling and trading an exciting way to make money. This includes things like having a garage sale, bakery sale or selling lemonade to family members. It is important to start saving now so you have some money for yourself when you grow up. 

I get money for doing chores and helping around the house. I now know the importance to spend some for me, and save some too. Thank you Jeremy for teaching me about saving money!

Written by Lialia Aii

Jeremy from Get Wise explaining to the Cheeky Cheetahs how interest works.
Do you know how interest works?