Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Road Safety Week

Today we were lucky to have Constable Nicky visit our class to talk to us about road safety. 

Here are a few concerns that the Cheeky Cheetahs have about Road Safety.

These are a few of our thoughts of what we learnt with Constable Nicky:
  • "Not to walk through Alley Ways by yourself and when your crossing the road to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN", Junior.
  • "If you don't cross at a Pedestrian crossing you might get a ticket from the Police", Margret.
  • "I learnt not to display my Ipad or phone when I'm walking home but to put it inside my bag for safe keeping", Juanita.
  • "Beware of strangers", Tohoa.
  • "Get someone to help you check that your bike is roadworthy", Matthew.
  • "If you are scared of a stranger, run away from them and call 'stranger, danger'", Roscoe.
  • "You could run to other peoples homes if someone is stalking you", Lialia.
  • "Don't go close to people you don't know", Vashon.
  • "You can't carry any weapons to protect yourself", Tyla.
  • "If you are scared of someone then you have to tell an adult", Kyra-Jae.
  • "Tell people to stop taking your lunch or tell the teacher" -Christian O
  • "It's not good to be holding knives on the road", Waea.
  • "When your at the Pedestrian crossing you need to look both ways before crossing", Miracle.
  • "When you are going somewhere you don't need a weapon", Vaivasa.
  • "I learnt that it is important to always use the pedestrian crossing at all times", Alicia.
  • "If you are scared of a dog, you need to cross the road onto the other side or ask the owner if they bite", Jodeci.
Constable Nicky visiting the Cheeky Cheetah's


  1. I really like your list of NEW learnings related to Road Safety because there are many really good examples and it shows you were focussed on the topic ... Well done Cheeky Cheetahs!

  2. Road Safety is very important indeed! Awesome work, Cheeky Cheetahs.

  3. Awesome effort on Road Safety, Cheeky Cheetahs, maybe we can connect some time and my Pandas can be an audience while you share some of your amazing work.