Friday, May 20, 2016

House Chants

On Friday we got together in our houses to practise our chants; Kakapo, Kotare, Pukeko and Piwakawaka.
It was such a great idea to get together and practise - thank you Whaea Lois for giving us that opportunity. Each house captains have done a great job with teaching their houses. 
Can you spot any Cheeky Cheetahs amongst the crowd?


  1. Yes I agree ... The more practice the better the chants will be ... Great work houses ... Thanks for sharing Cheetahs

  2. Every house sounded amazing on their return. Thank you for being so enthusiastic Cheeky Cheetahs.

  3. Awesome work Cheetahs. We love your blog.
    Miss Jones and Room 10 (CPS)

  4. I was there at your school on Friday Cheeky Cheetahs and I heard your chant and had to come outside Room 28 to see more. I could not believe how excited and loud you all were! The chants were very creative... Good work everyone!