Friday, May 20, 2016

Basic Facts

Knowledge - what is it?
It is information that we need to know. In Maths we know that if we don't have the knowledge to answer simple questions we won't be able to know what the answer is. So we are working really hard to fill in our gaps of learning. 

We are learning to instantly recall our basic facts. We have been using a dice to help us learn these through a game. We love to challenge ourselves and each other. How fast are you at answering basic facts questions?

We have mastered our basic facts to 10 so this week we have been working on our basic facts to 20. 
The Additions group are anxious to have their turn.

The rest of the class are on Mathletics completing their set tasks.
The Additions also get a turn on the digital devices as well.

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  1. Basic Facts is an important skill to have as it helps us solve problems more easily when we know the answers. My class (Room 8) practise there basic facts every day for homework, maybe one day soon the Cheeky Cheetahs can come and visit us and we can have a basic facts competition.