Saturday, June 11, 2016

Samoan Language Week

Talofa Lava, 
In week 5 we celebrated Samoan Language Week. We started off the week with the raising of the flag.
We learnt how to say:
Hello - Talofa Lava
How are you? - O a mai oe?
I am fine thank you - Manuia fa'afetai.

In groups we discussed what we knew about Samoa and what we thought about why language is important?  

The theme for the week was, 'E felelei manu ae ma'au i o latou ofaga', in translation this means, 'Birds migrate to environments where they will survive and thrive'. The Cheeky Cheetah girls learnt a Samoan dance (mauluulu) to 'Pe lele le toloa i fea'. They learnt to make up actions to tell the story about the migration of the birds to different environments.  

Cheeky Cheetah Girls ready to siva
For art work we were able to draw birds, patterns and talk about the Samoan Siapo.
Drawing of Samoan Patterns

Waea drawing his manu (bird).
We learnt about two Myths: 'Sina and the Tuna' and the 'Turtle and the Shark'. 
In pairs they had to read about the Myth and identify the key ideas. Students were encouraged to work in pairs or in a group of no more than 3 people where they had to rewrite the Myth and add pictures onto an A3 piece of paper. 

Some of the Cheeky Cheetahs are part of the Pasifika group where they performed a few Samoan traditional dances. It was great to see them show case their pride in their culture. We celebrated with an assembly where we invited our neighbouring school Clendon Park to perform and our special guest was the 2011 reigning Miss Samoa - Metotisi Komiti-Fa'alavaau. 

Check out some of our photos of our Samoan Language Week.


  1. Hi Cheeky Cheetahs
    It looks like you had an amazing week celebrating Samoan Language Week. During our school assembly on Friday, our senior Samoan group performed an item from Fiafia in Term 1. Maybe we could video chat soon?

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 8@ Pt England School

  2. Talofa Cheeky Cheetahs,

    What an awesome learning journey you had for Samoan Language Week. You produced a lot of work in a short time, I love the enthusiasm you have towards your story writing. I really enjoyed coming in to your room and reading some of your stories. Maybe you can read some of your published work to my Kung Fu Pandas some time. Think about it.

    Malo lava Cheeky Cheetahs.

  3. Hey Cheeky Cheetahs,

    We had an awesome time coming to your school and celebrating Samoan Language Week with you on Friday. Your dance performance was amazing! Its such a cool thing to embrace all different cultures and value one another no matter what culture we belong to.
    Keep up the superb learning and artistic skills you all have.

    Go the Cheeky Cheetahs!