Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farewell to our Student Teacher, Ms Skye!

Kia Orana everyone, 
This week we had to say farewell to someone special who joined our family for 5 weeks.
Thank you to Ms Skye for being part of our learning journey. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is appreciated by all the Cheeky Cheetah's and we would like to wish you all the best in your studies. 

Here are a few pictures of our last day with Ms Skye. Thank you for our gifts and card but most importantly, thank you for your time and love for us. Good luck and God Bless you. We will surely miss you.

Meitaki Maata Ms Skye!
Lyrics to our song for Ms Skye.
Cheetah's presenting a few memories.
Our last selfie with Ms Skye - thank you!
We're going to miss you!
Cheetah's feeling a bit sad.

Ms Skye with the girls.
Ms Skye with the Cheetah's.


  1. Well done Cheeky Cheetahs on working hard to help your student Teacher grow in her skills. Your teacher Miss Manuele has worked hard too so well done to everyone!

  2. Wow cool pics and video...Kia orana Cheeky Cheetah's and Ms Manuele. You guys are making me all teary this morning knowing how much I missed you's. I can't thank you enough for working incredibly hard with me for the past 5 weeks and making my teaching practice a success. You guys are my favourite class ever! Thank you so much for the well wishes and the beautiful singing I really appreciated. Please Cheeky Cheetah's look after Ms Manuele for me. Love you all Ms Skye.

  3. We will miss Skye don't worry we will always love you and miss you too❤️❤️❤️������by tohoa